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Jordan from Pentakill Cosplay

Since 2012 Jordan and Ali have been attending conventions in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Their first cosplays were Harley Quinn and The Riddler.  Both Jordan and Ali hope to continue to grow till they take over the world (similar to Pinky and The Brain). Their greatest joy comes from taking photos and meeting fellow con-goers.

There is nothing quite as amazing as meeting people who love the same thing as you, with the same insane passion. In short… The cosplay addiction is real.

Jordan will be competing to become the Master of Cosplay 2016! Follow his journey here and on all of his social media!

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Jordan of Pentakill Cosplay begins his VLOG the right way, and takes us through his cosplay's progression in this video.


Jordan reports in from Montreal Comicon on his progress so far. Get a glimpse of his time in Montreal as well as some special guests who give him a shoutout and words of encouragement! Jordan shows us the process on using Pepakura and Worbla to create the helmet of his costume.

Be sure to watch Kai and Lew's reaction to this VLOG:

Kai and Lew's Reaction

VLOG 3 Coming Soon!